Appliance Rebates

PECO Appliance Rebates

Get PECO rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified appliances.

See all eligibility requirements when you apply for rebates.

Purchase Made
PECO Appliance Rebates Before

June 1, 2021
June 1, 2021
& After
ENERGY STAR Air Purifier $50 $25
ENERGY STAR Bathroom Ventilation Fan $25 $20
ENERGY STAR Clothes Dryer (Electric) $15 $15
ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer $25 $25
ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier $50 $50
ENERGY STAR Freezer $20 $20
Heat Pump Clothes Dryer* $75 $75
ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater $350 $350
ENERGY STAR Refrigerator $20 $20
ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioner $15 $10
Purchase Made
Rebates for Replacing an Electric Appliance with a Natural Gas Appliance Before

June 1, 2021
June 1, 2021
& After
ENERGY STAR Natural Gas Clothes Dryer $150 EXPIRED
Natural Gas Stovetop/Range** $125 EXPIRED
ENERGY STAR Natural Gas Storage Tank Water Heater $400 EXPIRED

Rebates for replacing an electric appliance with a natural gas appliance expired on 5/31/2021. All applications must be submitted by 6/15/2021.

What you’ll need to apply:

  1. Include your PECO account number.
  2. Include your itemized receipt showing your purchase date, retailer, model number and proof of payment.
  3. Applications for purchases/installations through 5/31/2021 must be submitted by 6/15/2021. Applications for purchases/installations on or after 6/01/2021 must be received within 90 days of purchase date.
  4. Apply for rebates online or download the rebate application forms.

* All new models must be ENERGY STAR certified to qualify for PECO rebates except for the Heat Pump Clothes Dryer and the Natural Gas Stovetop/Range replacing electric Stovetop/Range.

** Rebates available only with a fuel-line switch to natural gas and when replacing existing electric appliances.

Get PECO rebates for recycling fridges and freezers too!